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Spooky New GIVEAWAY!!!! October 4, 2010

Deadline for entries is 11:59 PM, CST on Friday, October 29th!!!  Winner will be announced on November 1st!  🙂

For this giveaway, I will be showing you a pic of the LOOT you will receive!!  Below you will see some summer and winter collections, Thanksgiving and Halloween collections, New Years collections, and a bunch of cute bugs (butterflies, dragonflies, and worms).  These are all things that have come out of my scrapbooking supplies.  My style has changed significantly since I first began paper crafting several years ago.  Some of this stuff is items that just aren’t my taste anymore or they are duplicates that I had (and decided to share).  Please note that while most of the sticker sheets you will receive are full, there are a couple that have been minimally used.  🙂

So how do you enter??  Simple!!

Please visit my shop, meldewdesigns, then come back here and tell me three things:  what your favorite item is in my shop, any suggestions (what to offer, how to make shop look better, etc.), and your email address!!  That’s it!!!  🙂

Psst!  By the way, we’re on Facebook now!!  Become a fan by clicking on the right sidebar and receive an extra entry in the giveaway drawing!

Thanks and good luck!


45 Responses to “Spooky New GIVEAWAY!!!!”

  1. marie sierra Says:

    good morning from rainy maryland!
    i loved the mini thank you notes..they are perfect for tucking into someones pocket, purse, book …perhaps group items for sale..such as cards, embellishments, etc…
    thank you for the chance to win!

  2. renee Says:

    I love the owl trio in pink family! I HOPE I WIN! I am a scrapbook addict…this stuff is great! I think that your store is great the way it is..just add more more more!

  3. Amber G Says:

    My favorite item is the Funky Love U handmade card and I’d love to see more birthday cards in your shop!

  4. LIndsey Says:

    I loved the file folders in all the different colors and designs.

    My suggestion would be to perhaps sell some of your cards in packs or give discounts if a person bought more than one at a time.


  5. Paige Says:

    I like the “Yoo Whoo Owl -A card”! soo cute!
    i think you could add some more card sets with the holidys coming up


  6. I like the Adore handmade card and I think you should do more items like this 🙂 Also sell cards in packs would be good!

  7. Elsie Says:

    I liked the SHINE cards…so versatile to keep near by,
    for praise, congrats, birthday, and you’re the shiney apple of my eye!!

    Love your cards, and a liitle pocket inside would sure be fun,
    to put in a lucky penny, a sticker, or a love note for someone…

    The shop is joyful, with shapes and owls and cards in…
    I’d add a few of each to float around the margins!

    I’m wishing on a star, for these stickers from afar!
    Beautiful, and would be my dream come true!
    I use them in many volunteer projects that I do!

  8. aljna Says:

    Hello! I like so much the “Owl Trio – Pink Family”, and I think you can improve your banner.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Rachel Says:

    I love the pink glittery hearts! Your shop looks great…I don’t see anything to change! Thanks for offering up these goodies!

  10. amandasue Says:

    The friendship handmade card is beautiful, your shop is lovely! The only thing I can think of to maybe add would be cards that would be more towards the male gender, and alot of people are already listing christmas cards! Thanks for entering me into your awesome giveaway!

    unforgetable_dreamer_always (at)

  11. Heather Says:

    I love the pearlized ivory flowers! And I think some of the cards need clearer photos- like the Giving Thanks card. But I like the shop organization!

    hrfarley at gmail dot com

  12. Carmilla Says:

    My favourite item: the Angel card. Simple and evocative

    suggestions: I am not a fan of the font you used for the header, I think you should go for something more whimsical and with more impact. And I would put the cards into categories (like love/friend/thanks) to make the research easier. The photos should be a little more colorful and joyful, the fall a little flat.

    email: erica(dot)terranova(at)gmail(dot)com

  13. AJ Says:

    Pearlized Ivory Flowers with Glitter Centers is my favorite.

    I hope you put stickers on your store.

    A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com

  14. Violetta Says:

    My favorite item is the
    Owl Trio – Halloween
    ,and I think maybe the stickers could have better photos,maybe catch the glitter more. 🙂

    violettarakic at gmail dot com

  15. Liza Says:

    I like the “Lunch, For Sure” card. I’d like to see the cards sold in sets, that would be great.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. Oksana Says:

    Hi! I love Neutral Give Thanks handmade card!!! Lovely and also so friendly and touching!!! I thaink you are doing great job and wish you every success in your creativity!!!



  17. Vilija Says:

    My favorite item is in the shop is Happy About Flowers handmade card.
    Any suggestions: a bigger variety of card sets.
    Email: xlacrimax at gmail dot com

  18. nan lara Says:

    i like your trick or treat card
    my only suggestion is maybe a get well die cut or happy birthday diecut
    nannypanpan at

  19. Courtney Says:

    I love the Love You card. Also, id like to see more scrapbook embellishments.

  20. What a truly delightful Giveaway. You are very kind for be giving away all these lush treats. From your shop I really like the Owl Trio Halloween, they are very cute! I would love to see more inspirational handmade cards. My email is:

  21. Amber F. Says:

    I really like the Rainbow Mini Thank You Cards. The designs are so cute. As for suggestions, maybe scrapbook page kits? With coordinating stickers, paper, embellishments, etc. so people could have a whole layout already set up without having to shop around.

  22. nicole Says:

    my 3 would be:
    1. give thnaks card
    2. without you card
    3. little birdie told me card (my fav!)

    thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Damla Says:

    I like the Ghosty Mini Thank You Cards, they are very cute.
    You can also make music themed cards.

  24. Olessya K Says:

    I love Mini Thank You Cards – Creature Feature Collection, very cute!
    I would probably sort handmade cards by ocasion, so it’s easier for person to search.
    Thanks! kliolessya at yahoo dot com

  25. marie sierra Says:

    good morning! i now like your face book page!

  26. lindsay Says:

    hi mel! my favorite item is hard to decide, but ill go with any of your holiday cards and tags :). i would of course like to see christmas scrap book paper, but you already know that. 😉 – my email

    and i already like you on fb and im following your blog!

  27. Chani Says:

    I love the cute santa tags! Oh well, I’m a tag fanatic…
    All the best!

  28. April P Says:

    i love the ghosty mini cards! I do think your product photos could have better lighting, to better show off all that cute product! 😉

    mommytrenches at gmail dot com

  29. April P Says:

    I follow on fb
    april p
    mommytrenches at gmail dot com

  30. Anna Says:

    I really like your mini thank you cards. You didn’t mention whether the cards come with envelopes. If not, a decorated envelope would be a great touch! Thanks!

  31. Mrs. Williams Says: these are awesome and so are many of your things. I think you need to change your banner make it more representative of your great items.. just a thought I’m a newbie my self take alook at Broochcouture on esty which I opened in September with a great deal of help from my techy sons… all the best and thanks for these giveaway goodies. Good luck to all.

  32. Marei Says:

    I like the Little Daisy Die Cuts 🙂

    Maybe you should do more cut out designs, and add more colors.
    and different sizes too 🙂

    daylight_0013 at yahoo dot com

  33. Marei Says:

    Liked your facebook page already
    Win me.
    Dolly Star here btw :))

  34. Natalie Kinney Says:

    My favorite item is the Ghosty Mini Thank You Cards. They are too cute! I like your shop the way it is, but I wish bulk pricing could be offered.

    nattalliee AT Hot Mail Dot COM

  35. Jesselyn A. (Salleefur) Says:

    What a delightful Etsy Shop (which I hearted/favorited). Among my most favorite “items” are the Daisy Die Cuts, Pearlized Ivory Flowers with Glitter Centers – Set of 100, and the adorable Ghostly Mini Thank-You Cards (which are way too cute to reserve for just this time of year!)

    Room for improvement? I’d like to see more Die Cuts (especially in “bulk”/100 count like the Little Daisy Die Cuts) and more Supplies/Destash. And as others have noted, discounts on multiple individual card purchases.


  36. liz Says:

    Hi, My fav thingy there is

    My suggestion is it will be great if you add “love” accent in your scrapbook sticker 🙂

    Contact me dear 🙂

    Anw, you can join my first giveaway here which is F21 peach statement ring at
    my blog. The merrier is more fun 🙂

    Thankies dear
    ❤ Liz

  37. liz Says:

    Hi, I already fan of you in FB name doki doki co 🙂

    Contact me here 🙂

    thankies for helding this sweet giveaway and have a perfect day 🙂

  38. missknits Says:

    Ooo great giveaway!! 🙂

    From your shop i love your new address labels line! especially these .

    What would i like to see? well i cant really say anything needs improving cause your shop looks great!. but what about offering like kits – like make your own card kits, or scrap book kits? just a thought! 🙂

    (oh and i am fan! on fb 🙂 )

  39. Thanks so much!! 🙂 That was very sweet of you!

  40. michelle Says:

    I love all your mini cards the halloween ones are tooo cute!!!!

    Hmmm something to change…… it looks great as is :o)
    maybe as a sugestion adding your tagline to your banner

    thanks for an awesome giveaway

  41. michelle Says:

    i “liked” you on facebook too :o)

  42. Janet Says:

    Hi Mel! I can’t ever decide my favorite in your lovely shop…right now I’d say either the Set of 4 Handmade Cards (thank you, best wishes,birthday wishes and thinking of you) or the Batty and Punkin Mini Cards.
    Your shop looks fantastic! I guess if I were to make a suggestion, it would be to maybe have different sections for your cards (they could change throughout the year), but I know that is hard with only 10 sections available.
    See you later on the Crazy thread!
    AKA LizardQueen ;~)

  43. Thanks, Janet!! I actually took your suggestion and divided my shop up into sections. Hopefully, buyers will find it easier to navigate around my shop. Thanks so much for the awesome suggestion!! 🙂

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