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Shop is Filling Up!! October 6, 2008

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WOW-de-dow!!  I know this sounds silly, but I am so excited about this!!  I now have THREE pages worth of items in my shop at one time!!  I don’t know why it’s been that I haven’t been able to keep more than two pages worth of product in my Etsy shop at any one time – sell it quickly or not productive enough…who knows???  I’ve been doing some FALL cleaning in my studio lately and have come across so many things that I know that I won’t use and most of it are things that have NEVER been opened.  I’m trying to not waste as much so I thought I might as well try to see if someone else might need it!!!  🙂  Plus, since I’m obviously at home more with my broken leg, I’ve been busy making all kinds of things.  Here are some pics for you!  Some of this is in my shop already and some of it will be added later today or tomorrow.  🙂


Walking girl!!! August 29, 2008

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!!!  🙂

So, yes!!  I am walking now…can’t do a whole lot at one time and can’t do it for LONG periods of time, but I am indeed walking (still in walking cast).  It’s just too good to be true!!!  After about 14 months of hopping around on one foot, I can now walk on two!  My ankle feels pretty weak and I kind of look like an older woman when I get up to walk – kind of have to stand for a minute, then hobble for a minute before I get going more smoothly – but that’s okay.  It’s the little things that thrill me:  standing on one foot (the “bad” one now), walking around the house holding a cup (can’t do this with a walker or wheelchair), holding Lance’s hand as we walk (again, haven’t been able to do this with a walker), walk up the stairs in our house (crawled up before), being able to cook a simple meal, and so on….It’s just awesome!!!


OKAY!!  Now!!!  I have been working on sorting some really cute destash for my shop!!  OMG!!  I bought all this stuff a long time ago when I thought about scrapbooking.  Since I’m more of a card maker/papercrafter, I don’t need a lot of what I have!!  🙂  Thought I would offer it up to my fellow Etsians!!!  YAY!!  I should be listing this afternoon, so keep your eyes out!!  🙂


Will post again soon!!



In the craft kitchen!! June 2, 2008

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Cookin’ up some great stuff!!! I have been busy working in my studio, cookin’ up some cute cards. I can’t wait to get them posted in my Etsy shop in a couple of days!!


No peeking at the cards yet. BUT, I will show a couple of pics of some COOL destash I will post later… 🙂