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Happy Easter – the celebration of a miracle! April 12, 2009

I can’t believe we’re already into the middle of April.  Time really does fly by so quickly…I’ve been officially walking now for almost 5 months and it feels terrific.  Not one day has gone by in those 5 months that I haven’t been thankful.  Every morning, I step out of bed, and say to myself, “YEP!  Still walking!!”

Here’s what hope and a damn good sense of determination is so important I was told :

  1. By three different doctors that I should amputate from the knee down.
  2. That I would never walk again.
  3. That if I DID walk again (and that was a big IF), I would always have to wear a brace.
  4. Walking barefoot or with a regular shoe (no brace) would NEVER be an option for me.

Here I am, almost two years later…Been through 3 leg surgeries, two wheelchairs, a walker, a shower chair, a cane, crutches, etc…A WHOLE lot of struggle, pain, and depression/tears…A great support of family and friends….and a BUNCH of prayers!!!  🙂


Guess what?  I am walking and I do it barefoot and I do it in a regular shoe (NO BRACE).  How’s that for a miracle?  Being that it is Easter today and Easter is a celebration of a miracle in itself, I thought it was only fitting that I sit and write about another miracle!


My point?  No matter how hard life hits you, no matter what you are going through, no matter how bad things look, no matter what glim outcome you are given – NEVER give up!!


Happy Easter!  And thanks to those of you who have supported me and lifted me throughout this whole ordeal.  I love you all and am so, so appreciative for you.  You know who you are…


Check out my foot…it’s not pretty, but it’s all mine.  The scars are an everyday reminder to me just how lucky I am…  🙂  Hover your mouse over the pics for an explanation… 

Comments are welcome and appreciated.  🙂


Leg Update!! December 4, 2008

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Tah-dah!!!  I am now in a WALKING cast (note that the key work is WALKING).   🙂   I’m taking it easy this time for sure though.  Still going to use my wheelchair at work most of the time for a while and just take a few steps as needed.  I’ve walked on it a bit today and while it’s felt absoluely DELICIOUS, I will admit that it aches a bit and is sore – I guess mostly from it being so weak.  I don’t want to be back to a point where my ONLY option is a wheelchair or walker, so for now (and for a while now), it’s better safe than sorry for this little lady.  🙂

Thanks to all of you that have thought or prayed about me.  I really appreciate it all because the prayers (and all the positive energy mixed in with a LOT of patience) have really worked.  God is good!!  🙂


My life is like a soap opera…. October 3, 2008

No really…I know a lot of people probably say this, but it’s really true…  🙂  I’ll give you a brief, cliff’s notes version of the last 15 months or so of my life:

  • June 2007:  Had my fifth open heart surgery (as a result of a birth defect) which came along with some complications, like the need for leg surgery.  If you have a LOT of time and absolutely NOTHING to do, my hubby and I kept a ongoing blog about that time here if you just really want to check it out.  LOL 
  •  June 2007-August 2008:  Could only walk on one foot for over a year.  Used a wheelchair and a walker because my foot was angled down like a horse’s foot.  Was told by three different doctors that amputation from the knee down was the only answer for me.  Refusing to believe that was the ONLY answer, I was referred to a doctor in Dallas who told me that amputation was the farthest thing from his mind and he COULD help me.  So, since June of this year, I have been in an Illizarov (the contraption, as we called it) for two months, a splint for two weeks, two different casts for about three weeks, and then finally a walking boot for 2-3 weeks.


  • I finally have been to the point where I felt some normalcy in my life again.  I was walking again without the help of any equipment (walker or wheelchair); I could take a shower again and be able to get my leg wet (not hanging out of the tub because of a cast, splint or hunk of metal on it); I could walk side-by-side with my husband again and hold his hand (kind of hard to do that when you have to hold on to a walker or roll yourself along in a wheelchair); I could go up and down the stairs normally (not hopping down on one foot or crawling up the stairs like before); I had started back to work part-time and was slowly working towards working longer hours and more days; the list goes on and on….
  • Fast forward now to Friday, September 26th (one week ago).  I was out with some friends and introducing our new little dog, Bean to some people who hadn’t met him yet.  My BFF Kara and I were headed back to my house.  It was around 9:00 pm or so and I had Bean on a leash.  As I was getting out of her car and trying to manage Bean, my cell phone starts ringing, and I’m trying to carefully walk around in the grass to get to the sidewalk.  Kara’s dog, Kandi, was still in the backseat and I didn’t notice Bean trying to run back towards the car.  I tripped right over his leash and landed right on my bad leg!!!  I just laid there and cried for a moment and then tried to get up.  Kara took Bean’s leash as I tried to get up to my feet.  I knew the moment that I put weight on my leg that something was wrong.  I managed (somehow) to get up to my front door.  I took my boot off to see if I could see anything wrong, but couldn’t.  Lance then came home and I told him that I thought I needed to go to the ER to get an x-ray of my leg.  The pain was excruciating!!!
  • Off we went to the ER.  After several x-rays were taken, they came back in and told me that I fractured my tibia (the weight-bearing bone in your leg) and couldn’t walk on it for 8-9 weeks.  😦    So, Wednesday, October 1st, I went to see my orthopedic doctor about what he thought I should do.  He put me in a cast (a red one this time) and told me that while my bone was fractured all the way through, it had not separated.  If it separates, I will have to have surgery in order to place a pin between the bones to hold them together.  So, my week has pretty much been spent laying around the house with my leg elevated and doped up on pain medicine.  While I am still in pain, it’s not as bad as it was before I got the cast. 

Can you believe it?  When I watch my soap opera on TV, I think, “How can all of these things happen to ONE character?”  While I don’t have buildings coming down on me, attempted to be killed by five different people, or attempted marriage with my husband for the third time (to the same man); I do feel like everything I have been through this past year or so sounds like it’s taken right out of a soap opera plot!!  LOL

So, if you haven’t had communication from me during the past week, now you know why…While I have been sitting around not doing much, the pain pills that I have been taking make me sleepy, so I have been doing a LOT of sleeping.  LOL…How pathetic is that???!!!


Quick Update August 22, 2008

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Just wanted to type up a quick word regarding some medical junk!  LOL….Mom is doing great and her recuperation has already far surpassed what the doctor predicted.  🙂  I’m so happy that she is doing so well.  She has stayed with us since Tuesday evening, and will probably stay with us for a couple more days.  🙂


I went to my foot/ankle doc today, expected to rid myself of the splint and make the move to a walking boot.   I was so excited and cried happy tears when I saw my foot and leg.  They were mostly back to regular size and I could see ALL of them without bars, wires, or bandages in the way.  Unfortunately, I also briefly cried some frustrated tears because my doc decided that it was a little too soon for the boot.  So, instead, I will be in a cast for about a month!  😦  Oh well though…In the end, a month will seem like nothing!!  I’ll post pics of the cast tomorrow (it’s PINK)!!!  🙂


Peace out~


Walking again… July 18, 2008

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Been off my right foot since October!!  Had surgery June 10th of this year and woke up with this contraption on.  Check it out though…Yesterday, I got this thing they call a “skate” that has a sole so that I can walk on it.  I very carefully took my first steps yesterday!!  YAY!  Here are a couple of pics of the skate.

My left leg has been a little swollen for a bit because it’s been holding all of my weight since October.  But – check out the difference in the swelling of my legs, ankles, and feet!!  Isn’t that horrible?  Ugh!  LOL ….especially my ankles…


My foot and leg July 17, 2008

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Okay…word to the wise – if you have a sensitive stomach, you might not want to look at these pics!!  Morbid curiosity will probably win out though!!  LOL

On June 10th of this year, I had surgery on my ankle, expecting to wake up with a cast that I would wear for 3 months.  Instead, I woke with this contraption on, but I will only have to wear it for TWO months.  I’ve already worn it for one month, so I am halfway done!!  🙂  Nasty, huh?  I think it’s pretty interesting though!


Working furiously… June 13, 2008

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Been home from having minor surgery and will be home from work for a few weeks. So since I have all this free time on my hands, I will be creating all kinds of fun things to list on Etsy. Keep checking in for some great finds!!
Make sure to enter my giveaway…look down a bit! 🙂