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San Fran, here I come!! June 8, 2009

After TWO LOOOOOOONG years, Lance and I are finally going on a real vacation!  With the heart surgery, the leg surgeries, the walker, the wheelchair, the shower chair, blah blah blah…all of that CRAP kind of gets in the way of traveling.   You CAN do it, mind you, but it isn’t easy. 

The best way to stay safe and happy when you’re handicapped?  Predictability and consistency…Knowing what to expect.  Are there going to be crowds?  How will we know what is accessible and what isn’t (you’d be AMAZED what isn’t)?  When eating out, can a wheelchair maneuver between tables and chairs?  What if there isn’t a ramp?  How is Lance going to carry ALL our luggage?  That kind of stuff…I’m a worry wart anyway, and while I am a Christian, I worry like a Jewish mother – trust me!!  We stayed in a couple of hotel rooms that were handicapped accessible, but it’s still difficult.  Plus, I don’t think I need to tell you, that showering with a shower chair that you don’t know who’s bare ass might have sat on???  EWWWWW….Trust me, when I HAD to take a shower in that situation, I layered many towels down before sitting.  Gross….


Anyway, the point of this post is not to relive tougher times…the point is that is symbolic of me being able to move on, to show how much things have changed, and to prove what I am able to accomplish now!  I am traveling to the busy city of San Francisco, CA with my hubs to have a blast with some friends.  I don’t have to worry about if I can fit through a tight area, if I can get onto the BART, or Lance having to push me everywhere…FREEDOM is the only ONE word that I can use to describe the feeling.  If you’ve never been in that situation, you have NO IDEA….I can’t even imagine how people who have a permanent handicapp live with it from day to day.  Ever notice how you don’t really see THAT many handicapped people out in public…it’s because it’s a pain.  I am so blessed and I thank God for my freedom. 

Lance and I need this trip so badly.  It’s almost as if we are going to be leaving this past life here and when we come back, it will be back to normal…While I know if doesn’t work that way EXACTLY, it’s a nice thought!!  LOL  Anyway, there will be tons of pics when we get back!!  Get ready!  I’m going to photogragh all of our adventures!


Look out, San Francisco…Here comes Melanie Dewey!!!


New Supplies Coming To My Shop… May 17, 2009

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