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Foot stuff! May 23, 2009

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So on the 17th, I wore two (NEW) shoes to work for the first time – HORRAY!!  On the 18th, I did it again – DOUBLE HORRAY!!

After that, my ankle started to feel a little weak, so I am back in the boot for a while, giving my stuff a rest.  I definitely do NOT want to overdo it.  LOL


I kind of equate this to pulling weeds.  You get out there, you’re pulling weeds, and while you’re not feeling anything now, you know you’re gonna feel it later.  Well, it’s later!! LOL

No worries….I’m not worried about my ankle right now.  I just should have thought things out a little better.  Since I was not only starting to wear dos zopatos to work for the first time, they were also NEW zopatos, I should have worn them for like half my shift for the first few days to let my feet get used to them. Ahhhh…you live and you learn!


Same feet, new feeling! April 27, 2009

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Wow!!  I’m finding life without a brace on my leg to be rather eye-opening!!  It’s liberating, yet painful at times.  And while it’s terrific that I don’t have to wear a brace, it’s challenging to find shoes that I can wear (besides tennis shoes). 


The problem?  Well, first of all, I don’t have much feeling in my foot.  Second, because my achilles tendon was lengthened, it’s now sort of stuck in a 90 degrees angle.  Some types of  shoes require your foot to be able to bend/flex in different ways, and my foot/ankle is just sort of stiff.  SO…I need shoes that will sort of strap to my foot.  LOL!  Third, I don’t feel steady enough to wear ANY type of heel, other than a wedge, and shoes like that don’t really give me the support I need anyway…*SIGH*  To be honest, I’ve ALWAYS been to clumbsy to wear much of a heel (even before all this happened with my foot)!!!  ROFL


Imagine my dilemma when, after wearing nothing but a walking boot and tennis shoes, Lance mentioned going to prom with him!! My first thought was, “OMG!  What kind of shoes am I going to wear?”  My mom went shoe shopping with me and we found the perfect shoes!! PLUS!!  Recently, I came across these cute houseshoes/slippers that this sweet lady I used to know made for me (Lance thinks they look like old lady shoes, but I think they look adorable)!!  Check both of my new FOOT GEAR out!