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Same feet, new feeling! April 27, 2009

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Wow!!  I’m finding life without a brace on my leg to be rather eye-opening!!  It’s liberating, yet painful at times.  And while it’s terrific that I don’t have to wear a brace, it’s challenging to find shoes that I can wear (besides tennis shoes). 


The problem?  Well, first of all, I don’t have much feeling in my foot.  Second, because my achilles tendon was lengthened, it’s now sort of stuck in a 90 degrees angle.  Some types of  shoes require your foot to be able to bend/flex in different ways, and my foot/ankle is just sort of stiff.  SO…I need shoes that will sort of strap to my foot.  LOL!  Third, I don’t feel steady enough to wear ANY type of heel, other than a wedge, and shoes like that don’t really give me the support I need anyway…*SIGH*  To be honest, I’ve ALWAYS been to clumbsy to wear much of a heel (even before all this happened with my foot)!!!  ROFL


Imagine my dilemma when, after wearing nothing but a walking boot and tennis shoes, Lance mentioned going to prom with him!! My first thought was, “OMG!  What kind of shoes am I going to wear?”  My mom went shoe shopping with me and we found the perfect shoes!! PLUS!!  Recently, I came across these cute houseshoes/slippers that this sweet lady I used to know made for me (Lance thinks they look like old lady shoes, but I think they look adorable)!!  Check both of my new FOOT GEAR out!