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Happy Labor Day!! September 7, 2010

Filed under: What's Going On With Me.... — meldewdesigns @ 9:33 am

I hope all of you had a wonderful long weekend and hopefully, it was spent doing fun and relaxing things!!  My weekend wasn’t nearly long enough, as I had to work at my “real” job on both Saturday and Sunday!!  Today made up for it though with a trip to Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas to see some high school football!  LOL  Had a good time with family…Tomorrow is back to school!

Sheesh…I’m keeping pretty darn busy lately.  I work full-time at my real job, am going to school part-time, work part-time in my Etsy shop, and take care of my hubby and dog!!  I don’t know how women who do all of that AND have kids do it!!  Any of you out there like that?  I know there must be some crazy busy mamas!!  🙂


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