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Busy bee… August 20, 2010

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I tell ya – Work at my “real job” has been oh-so-stressful lately and I haven’t had much time for my Etsy shop…This causes me to create a stess cycle. 

“What is a stress cycle?”, might you ask?  Well, let me educate you.  🙂 

You see, when I don’t work in my Etsy shop, I become stressed because you only get out of a business what you put in to it.  But, creating and working on my shop brings me stress relief.  So, this seems like a simple solution, right?  The only problem is that by the time I get home, I am too exhausted to even think of doing any of this.  So, by not working on my shop, I am hit with more stress…Thus, the stess cycle.

Hmm…thinking I could use a personal assistant or secretary.  Anyone interested in the job with no pay or benefits??  LOL


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