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Sickly for a WEEK!! Ugh! May 9, 2009

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yuck…being sick just sucks!  I’ve been dealing with this for about a week now…The scratchy throat, the congestion, the exhaustion, some insomnia (which I so rarely have), the “heavy chest” feeling, and now some stomach problems as well…UGH…plus I have asthma to boot, so it just intensifies the everyday struggle with breathing easy.


Oh and it gets better…   


So, on Thursday of last week (April 30th), my boss was suddenly terminated so the stress level, as well as emotions,  in my workplace is extremely high.  On top of that, Friday of last week (May 1st) was the 5-year anniversary of my dad’s death. 


While each year is getting a little easier, I’m still rushed back to the day he died.  I was almost 24 when it happened and I was his medical power of attorney.  I have two uncles, an aunt, and an older sister that he could have chosen, but I was his MPOT.  I had to make the decision to remove him from life support, and while nothing more could have been done for him, I still felt so guilty, as if I personally was killing my daddy.    At times, like the anniversary of his death, those feelings feel so fresh…


So, anyway…that was Friday.  On Sunday, I started feeling pretty sick and I just can’t get better.  So, here I am, not able to sleep, and I’m feeling crappy and miserable.  The after hours clinic at my doctor’s office opens in about 4 hours, so I think I will finally head there. 


Go on…you can tell me – I’m pretty pathetic!  LOL…Am I feeling sorry for myself a little bit?  You betcha!


5 Responses to “Sickly for a WEEK!! Ugh!”

  1. leah Says:

    i was sick for a week last week.
    my husband, this week.
    we’re neat like that, we share.

    and it sounds like the stresses of that other stuff probably kicked in..or kicked it up a notch…so be easy on yourself. all of these things you listed are hard on a bodys system.

    get better!

  2. Rhonda Says:

    My Dear Sweet Mel –

    I am so sorry to hear about all those stressors going on in your life. With your health, that will get better (just take care of yourself!!) with lots of rest and some time.

    With your boss being let go, there’s probably so much uncertainty, but I’m sure it will end up working out the way it was meant too.

    You poor dear. I imagine the thing with your Daddy was one of the hardest things you have ever had to do. At such a young age, too! He had you in that position because he knew you could make a tough decision if you needed to. As it turns out, he knew exactly what he was doing with you in that role. I’m certain he is so very proud of his little girl for her strength and her love. I hope you take comfort in that my friend.

    As for me, I’m just thankful to know you and call you my friend. Much love and many blessings,
    Rhonda (((((hugs)))))

  3. Do you have a follow button for your blog?

    Thanks, Judy

  4. Hey,

    I was Brownsing thru my Favorite Blogs… I’m sorry to hear about everything that’s happened to you 😦 I dont know if this will make sence but everything happens for a reason(Good or bad :(. I know youre probably thinking what the?
    But last year when I got Unemployed.. It happened so fast and it Kind of Snowballed into Sickness ,I even thought I had the Swine flu! ekk and other different things.. ugh
    Well All I’m trying to say is Hold on, things Will get better.
    I always look back and think hmm Maybe I was meant to not have a job So I can Finally work on my bussiness full time? Well It’s been great. And I feel so much Better about Everything now…
    Ok thanks for letting me write.. hehe

  5. Tami Says:

    What a week for you. All that stress must really be contributing to your health. I hope you start to feel better soon.

    I lost my Dad when I was 15, I can’t imagine being in your shoes, it must have been very traumatic for you to be put into the position of making that decision. Your father must have really trusted and respected you as a grown-up to honour you with that position. I can’t say that you’ll be able to eventually forget the guilt but you can try to put the focus of this anniversary towards celebrating his life.

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