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An Addiction – of a Different Kind… April 21, 2009

So, many people have addictions in life…Some are very sad – drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex, etc….I have an addiction as well, and while some may think it is sad, I think it’s just FUN!!!  Nevertheless, I am addicted to it and can’t seem to get enough of it – PAPER!!  I probably have as much in my stock of paper as a Michael’s store and I’m not kidding!!! 

Get this – sometimes I buy it just because I like it, but I’ll have no idea what I want to use it for and other times, I’ll buy a HUGE pack of it and know that I will never use the whole pack. 


WHAT ARE YOUR FUN ADDICTIONS??  I’m dying to find out.  Please tell me I’m not the only one with a FUN addiction!! 


SO, my addiction becomes the advantage of my Etsy customers.  I have decided to purge some of my stash and sell it to others.  I’ve done some research on paper sellers on Etsy, and I think that my prices will be TOTALLY reasonable, but let me know if you find it cheaper!

Here are a couple collections that I am planning on listing in my shop today:


4 Responses to “An Addiction – of a Different Kind…”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    As a fellow crafter I agree….it’s paper. Sometimes it’s even too pretty to use, right?: I am not alone. lol

  2. heather Says:

    my addiction – you’;ll guess from the name – is yarn. I buy it, fiddle with it, sort it, store it – and eventually think what to make with it.

  3. Tanyia Says:

    You are totally NOT the only one lol My additcion right now is altering stuff… so I will think…Hmmm I can do something with that, and I have a stash of the wierdest stuff just waiting to become a treasure hehe

  4. now in my rss reader)))

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