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Free Giveaway December 14, 2008

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In the spirit of Christmas, I’ve decided to have a free giveaway of surprise goodies.  While the giveaway is a surprise, I can tell you that the goodie bag is generous in size and is stuffed to the gills!  How do you enter? 

It’s simple – post a comment anywhere on my blog, and receive an entry for every comment left. 

Even better, if you post a reply to THIS post, giving me ideas for different types of cards to make for my shop, you’ll be given an additional TWO entries.

Better YET – make a purchase from my shop (no min or max) and receive FIVE entries!!!!


On Friday night the drawing will take place and the winner will be announced!


32 Responses to “Free Giveaway”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    oh yay!!! what a lovely giveaway and who doesn’t love surprises??? Happy Holidays Mel!!!

  2. One entry each for StarMountainDreams and ItSmellsLike (both from Etsy)!! 🙂

  3. One entry for piccoladonna2006!

  4. Cindy Says:

    What a great idea Mel. I think some of the best cards on the market are the ‘Just because’ cards. But then again, I am a card freak anyway and always send just because cards. LOL

    Have a great day and Very Happy Holidays!!!

  5. Happy Holidays to you too Mel!
    great blog here!


  6. anne Says:

    How about a variety pack of cards? gift tags?

    you have great stuff! 😉

  7. Hi Meld
    This is wonderful – what a wonderful idea.
    You suggested ideas for cards – well I am looking for a series of fun up lifting get well cards. My friend and Doctor was hit broad side by a drunk driver on the way home from helping in the ER department in the town next to us. At this point he is stable – but if all goes well (please pray) – it will be a long hard road to recovery – and I would love to send him lots of cards. Yours are alway so special – and he has a wonderful sense of humor. Dave looks like Micheal J Fox from the movie Doc Hollywood. He is very young and has a wonderful young family. So that is my suggestion – a series of up lifting get well cards.
    Blessings Pat

  8. I really like your mini thank you cards, they are now on my wish list.
    I would love to be enterd in your giveaway!
    Merry Christmas!


  9. One entry for mtheorie!

  10. Emily Says:

    What a nice idea for a giveaway – who doesn’t love surprises, after all? Thanks so much!

  11. One entry for sunnfox. 🙂

  12. dorothy l Says:

    I would love to win a surprise giveaway

  13. Judy Harris Says:

    Great idea! I love just because cards, thank you cards and I Love You cards.

  14. One entry for luckyrosiescreations

  15. Chloe Says:

    Found you! I will figure this stuff out with some help from my friends 🙂
    You smart young people are way ahead of me.
    Great idea mel!

  16. inkwear99 Says:

    one entry for inkwear99

  17. One entry for SatinDollCo

  18. darladawn12 Says:

    i love give aways and i love christmas
    i just want to as anyone got anything to share on my christmas site i love have it just neats to be safe for achild toread or see and nice i like good clean things thank youo darla

    safe to it it just got ber child

  19. One entry each for:

  20. Awesome contest 🙂 My suggestion for cards would be whimsical/romantic cards 🙂

  21. Sara Says:

    ty for the chance to win 🙂 Your cards are beautiful I can only imagine what your giveaway is… very exciting!

  22. Love your mini thank you note cards, these are good to have on hand!

  23. One entry each for artcsara and Jackswife

  24. Kasia Says:

    One entry for me:)

  25. Shelley Says:

    Hi Mel, Thanks for the convo. & I am glad you are going to take it slow. I just LOVE your Blog!! Here is a card idea ( I may be to late for the prize?) But here go’s anyway. A card for some one that has just lost a Pet, ether to death Or that the Pet just Ran away! & a card to give to YOURSLEF on Valentines day. Or a Valentine for a Pet, or to someone that has passed on. Any way there are some card ideas! I hope I didn’t miss the contest, but if i did at least I got to see your blog!! LOVE & HUGS, Shell-

  26. Kay Says:

    I think “Sorry to see you go” cards are great. Just had a going away party for my son and couldn’t find a card I liked.

  27. Wendy Says:

    How nice of you to offer a give-away! What fun!

    I love handmade cards, especially when they are blank inside. What I don’t like is having to buy them one at a time. I like to buy 3 or 4 of the SAME or at least SIMILAR card and I have found that difficult to find. Many card sellers will sell 3 or 4 very different ones, but I’m often looking for similar ones to use for a similar purpose. Just something I would like to see.

  28. Amy Says:

    I think Thank you cards are the best! I am waiting for some to come in so that I can send them with my stuff.

  29. Allegrae Says:

    Thanks, Mel! Cool idea!

  30. Judith Says:

    Whoo hoo!!! Go Mel!! *hugs*

  31. dorothy l Says:

    how about a pack of little valentine card like you use to get a school

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