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Long time, no see!! :) November 22, 2008

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I bet people have been wondering where in the heck I’ve been – or maybe not!!  LOL  The truth is that I have gone back to work full-time (in a wheelchair, for now).  When you’ve been off for a month or more, things become a little messy while you’re gone!!  So, my first couple of weeks back included cleaning up a LOT of messes and putting out a LOT of fires!! 

Hopefully, things are better under control now and will remain under control for a while.  When things at work are under control, I can stop working so much overtime and can spend more ETSYtime!!  LOL


Here’s to seeing more of each other!!  🙂


One Response to “Long time, no see!! :)”

  1. Me Says:

    it’s great to have you back my sweet friend!!

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