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Internal Struggle October 15, 2008

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I absolutely ADORE making cards for loved ones and really enjoy selling them to support my habit as well on Etsy, but there is one aspect about selling these cards that has pros and cons – the seasonal aspect.  What do I mean by this? 

While I love making cards for seasonal purposes to sell in my shop – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – I feel a little pressure to make sure that my shop is well-stocked with these types of cards, but then I don’t feel as though I always have time to make the FUN cards.  I really enjoy making birthday, just because, love, congrats, anniversary, and hi/hello types of cards.  I made a goal to also keep other types of cards like “in sympathy”, thinking about you, some religious cards, new baby, etc… in my shop as well. 

With so many different holidays approaching and the requests for especially Christmas card SETS, I don’t feel like I can take the time to make these other cards I enjoy.  LOL…Does that make sense or does it sound just totally silly?  Don’t get me wrong – I do enjoy making the seasonal items also, but at the same time, I feel as though it somehow takes me away from making the ones I enjoy.  The result?  I don’t really make any because when I sit down to create, I feel this struggle – to create for business or pleasure.  How messed up am I??  LOL!!

Any suggestions?


3 Responses to “Internal Struggle”

  1. thecozyloft Says:

    Ahhhh….the internal creative struggle. I have so been there. Artists need their creative output, so you are feeling that pull. That’s the reason you create your cards to begin with. But, then again, you CAN do your creations ongoing because you have a venue that allows you to sell your creations. Then, when those very customers make special requests for certain cards, the struggle begins. Do you satisfy your customers requests or your own personal need for creation? I know that requests do dampen the creative process *sometimes*.

    My opinion? Do the ones you love – just not as many. Use the remainder of your time to do the special requests. It might take several sittings to accomplish the special requests, but eventually you will have it done and marked off your to-do list. You will have (hopefully) satisfied both needs with this.

    Does that help at all? ((((hugs))))

  2. Hi
    I am one of the ones that asked for Christmas cards – and have bought one – and love it — but I love your others.
    Actually I was on your site looking for one of your funky ones the other day –
    I always love your cards – I guess that is why I wanted your style for Christmas also.
    I have the same problem – so not much get done LOL.
    My answer is much like cozys – do what you love – first – then do a few for each season — but let your love out first – that way you will create more and let all the love out – do what you want – that is what my husband says – he also says I am happier when I am doing what I love.
    Do with love and the customers will come – they will be drawn to you
    Blessings Pat

  3. You both are so sweet!! 🙂 You both give good, sound advice and I would be foolish not to listen to it.

    Pat – You (and your requests) are never a problem and will never be a problem. It is not you and it’s not any one person. It’s just a combination of requests in general. LOL

    And…I hate to even say it that way because I enjoy the challenge of custom orders and creating items that are the result of customer requests. It’s just all about the struggle.

    Thanks to both of you – my dear, sweet friends. 🙂

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