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Just a few more days… August 17, 2008

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So I am worried about this upcoming week…  I’m still wearing this casted sock on steroids and can’t wait to (hopefully) get it off on Thursday.  Am I worried about that?  NO!!  What I am worried about is that my mom is having her tonsils taken out on Wednesday, the day before.  So, since Lance is a teacher, he will start back to work this week and it will just be my mom and me.  🙂  Again, I don’t ever mind spending time with my mom – in fact, I usually enjoy it. 


So what’s causing me the stress?  A few things…First, I am hobbling around on one foot here.  I can carry some things while I use my walker, but not many.  My mom will need to rest and I fear that she may feel as though as has to wait on ME.  On top of all that, my husband is frustrated because he doesn’t want me to feel like I need to be waiting on my mom and he’s upset that she won’t postpone her surgery.  He feels like I’ve been going through a trail of health problems regarding my leg and I’m finally on the downhill slope.  He wants me to focus on resting and healing – not focusing on someone else to do that.  On top of all of that, my husband has been lovingly taking care of me for a year now.  He is starting back up to work again now that school is starting back up soon and so some stress goes along with that.  He feels as though he will be working during the day while worrying about me, and then will have to come home and take care of BOTH my mom and me.  I think he’s just feeling exhausted just thinking about all of that. 


While I can understand all of that, there are other people at stake.  LOL….that sounded right out of an action heroes comic book or something.  Really?  My mom makes wedding cakes and grooms’ cakes.  She has two weddings in September, two weddings and my nephew’s sixth birthday in October, and then we’re into the holidays.  According to her doctor, when tonsils are taken out when you are a child, the child bounces back after a week or so.  As an adult, they can be out of work (and in bed) for up to four weeks.  If my mom doesn’t do it now, it won’t happen until next year sometime.  Since she gets strep throat quite frequently, I don’t want her to be sick all the time until next year….that would seriously suck.


So, anyway….that’s my dilemna. 🙂  Hubby doesn’t want it to happen right now; Mom doesn’t want to put it off; and I don’t want my mom to be sick, want hubby to worry, get myself worn out OR feel like I’m caught in the middle.


So, back to business!!!  Putting up some new cards and lovelies in the very near future!!!  🙂


One Response to “Just a few more days…”

  1. thecozyloft Says:

    Oh Mel! I just read your post. It’s hard not to worry about everyone and all of you are doing this because you love each other so much. It will be ok – just pray and give it to God.

    Is there anyone else who you could call **if** you needed a hand while he’s working? If there is, and you have that in place, that might help Lance be more at ease? What do you think?

    Many hugs and many prayers for you, my sweet friend!!

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