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Walking again… July 18, 2008

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Been off my right foot since October!!  Had surgery June 10th of this year and woke up with this contraption on.  Check it out though…Yesterday, I got this thing they call a “skate” that has a sole so that I can walk on it.  I very carefully took my first steps yesterday!!  YAY!  Here are a couple of pics of the skate.

My left leg has been a little swollen for a bit because it’s been holding all of my weight since October.  But – check out the difference in the swelling of my legs, ankles, and feet!!  Isn’t that horrible?  Ugh!  LOL ….especially my ankles…


3 Responses to “Walking again…”

  1. thecozyloft Says:

    oh mel! it’s getting there and i’m tickled pink that you are taking some steps now!! that is just wonderful. i have so much respect and admiration for you. what a strong and wonderful woman of God you are ((((hugs)))) Rhonda

  2. ShaggyChic Says:

    Okay, so I want the whole story. Now, start back in Oct. What happened back there? Then you had surgery this June; what did you have done? Where do you live and where did you have your surgery, what hospital? I’m not just being incredibly nosy, this is what I do when I am not playing with dogs and making cute little doggie duds; I work in a regional medical center, medical records section, edit medical reports for quality, compliance, coding, billing, all that legal stuff, you know, to make sure the doctors didn’t take out your appendix when you came in to have your eyelids lifted! Just curious as to what is going on with your leg – seems like some complications going on there girl!

  3. Someone Says:

    May I ask which hospital and which doctor did this advanced surgery? I’m in need of foot surgery myself after some malpractice was done during an operation. I’m willing to travel long distances for help. If email is more suitable for answering, please use my email address. 😀 Thanks in advance…

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