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Crazy Giveaway!!! Enter To Win!! June 3, 2008

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One lucky winner will win 3 (count them, THREE) cards, that are each $3.00 or less, of their choice. Now calm down and get your knickers out of a bunch because I’m about to tell you how to win.


  1. Visit my Etsy store at Take your time and look around a while. 🙂
  2. Come back here and post a comment stating:
  • What you favorite item is in the shop.
  • One or more ideas for future cards. What would YOU like to see?
  • Your contact info (email) so that I can contact you if you’ve won.
  • Which three cards you would like to receive if you win!

That’s it! That’s all you have to do…This giveaway will end June 30th! I will randomly select and notify a winner…


Oh Yeah! Please visit for great giveaways!!


21 Responses to “Crazy Giveaway!!! Enter To Win!!”

  1. Kimberly B. Says:

    Let’s see if I remember everything you asked me for! My favorite design is “Be your own kind of beautiful”! I’d like to see you play around with a butterfly design or two, which might make a cool graduation card. And for my three cards, I’d like the one I mentioned previously, the green “Hi” card, and the “Hi” card with the little owls.
    beax0002 (at) umn (dot) com

  2. CanCan Says:

    1)My fave is: Whootin’ Hi card
    2)I think monkeys are a good design element in a card. 🙂
    I would like to win
    Whootin’ Hi card, Yoo-Whoo card, and the Flowerin’ Thanks card.

    Cool stuff!
    onlycancan at hotmail dot com

  3. Bunny B Says:

    I love the Dang card 🙂
    I’d love to see more stationary.
    If I won, I’d like the Miss U Flower Card, the Thanks a Bunch card and the Yoo-Whoo card
    bunnybox9 at gmail . com

  4. Courtney Watson Says:

    F A V E * D E S I G N
    the Hello Card (great texture/color combination)

    F U T U R E * D E S I G N
    Use nature/trees in a simple but colorful way

    C O N T A C T * M E
    courtneyrw [at] gmail [dot] com

    D R E A M * L O O T
    Hello Card
    Quilt Card – Green
    Quilt Card – Red

  5. Rhonda Says:

    hey mel!!

    This is an awesome contest!! fun!! ok, here we go…

    1. My fave: Whootin’ Hi – sooo cute!
    2. Maybe some cute girlie cards – like to send to our bestest gal pals? high heels, shopping, coffee, cafes, etc., maybe?
    3. Contact info: through convo at etsy. here’s the link:
    4. Wootin’ Hi, Yoo-Whoo and Flowerin’ Thanks are my faves, but all of them are so great!

    Thank you for doing this! This is GREAT!

  6. matilda sue Says:

    I love the Rock my Socks card

    I would love to see something cheeky and a bit tongue in cheek snarky 🙂 Just for fun!

  7. Taleri Says:

    This is my favorite card: because there aren’t that many cards for people who get a new house (and I am desperately hoping to move into our first house sometime this year)

    I would like to see cards from the dog/to the dog to other family members/visitors to the house

    Convo me taleri @etsy

    I would like to win

  8. ThisOldHenHouse Says:

    Oh I collect greeting cards!! Seriously, I horde them! I buy em, fall in love with em, and then never want to give them away. … its a sickness 🙂

    Favorite items – The Flowering Thanks Card and the Be True Card

    Ideas for the future – I love the quote for the Be True card, you should do more quotes for sure

    Your contact info –
    Convo @ etsy – ThisOldHenHouse or

    Which three cards you would like to receive if you win! –
    Definatly the Be True card!!
    The Flowering Thanks Card
    and The Yoo-Whoo card

    🙂 Thanks!! Your cards are Great!

  9. blueviolet Says:

    My favorite item is the Flowerin’ Thanks card. The three cards I would pick are: the Flowerin’ Thanks card, the Wishing you Happiness card, and the Birthday Hat card. Very cute cards in your shop!

  10. missknits Says:

    awesome contest! 🙂

    hmmm favorite thing in your shop? tough to choose just one, but i would say Be Your own Kind of Beautiful! i just love that sentiment!! we should all think that all the time!

    what would i like to see? new idea? hmmm how about some like thinking of you, or get well, keeping you in our thoughts kind of card??

    and for the three cards – the one i chose above – be your own kind of beautiful, wishing you happiness, anddddd the yoohoo card! so cute!!

    you can find me as missknits on etsy too 🙂

  11. Linda Blatchford Says:

    My favorite is the Congrats card.

    I’d like to see bigger words on the cards.

    Would like to receive Hey Chicky, Quilt, and Thanks A Bunch

  12. Pretty Sweet Designs Says:

    whoo hoo! i love your stuff especially the cute little tags!

    my fave card is wishing you happiness.

    if i win i’d love to get that, hootin hi, and wordy birdy! 😀

    you should put more wedding invite samples, thank you cards, save the date, party invites, and embellishments samples! 😀

    your cards are lovely! 😀 you know where to find me. 😉

  13. Pottery Peddler Says:

    Okay = so I love the
    Be Your Own Kind of Beautife card, and the invitations are awesome.

    Very talanted.

  14. dolls123 Says:

    My fav item is the PINK floral Congrats card.
    I’d like to see a woman’e birthday card.
    I’d like to win:
    1.PINK floral Congrats card
    2.Let Them Eat Cake card
    3.Purple HI card


  15. BrineS Says:

    I like the Wishing You Happiness card! So cute and cheery! It would brighten anyone’s day who was receiving it!


  16. Sweepstakes Advantage Says:

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  17. Ginny Says:

    For future ideas, I’d say add more birthday cards. Maybe specific like happy 16th, etc. My favorite item is the Guitar Swirl card.

    I’d love to win the Birthday HAT card, Amongst the stars and of course the Guitar Swirl card 🙂

  18. carolyn Says:

    My favorite is King of the house. I would love to see some Halloween cards! I would love to win King of the House, Birthday Hat and Quilt.

  19. Paper Girl Productions Says:

    I like this cute owl card:

    Personally I love “Saying Hi”..”Hello” cards so I can send them out on any occassion.

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway! You can find me on my blog. Thank you!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    hey mel.. my favorite card in your show at the moment is the “Let’s do lunch” card– very cute & a great idea!

    ideas: I would love to see packages of small gift cards – like 10 or 20 to a pack for including with orders as thank you cards.

    My 3 cards: “Let’s Do Lunch, “Music & Flowers” & “Celebrate Birthday”

    thanks! j j 🙂

  21. LRSOriginals Says:

    My favorite is “Let’s Do Lunch” cause it’s different from what everyone else does!

    I’d love to see a “See you in September” for summer break – will miss you type cards.

    The 3 I’d like to win (that meet the criteria): Blue Star, Let’s Do Lunch, and Cute as a Button (pink).


    Fun contest!

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